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November 2016


The Annual Meeting of the School District of Wausaukee was held on October 26, 2016. Dave Kipp presented the proposed budget and highlighted the ways in which the Board is carefully investing school tax dollars. The 2016 tax levy was adopted. The 2016 tax levy is $8.55 per $1,000 of equalized valuation of real and personal property for a total of $5,378,264 for the 2016/17 school year. This represents a decrease of - .43% from the 2015 tax levy.


Declining enrollments and reduced state aid continue to be challenges for rural Northeast Wisconsin districts. The Board, Administration, and Staff continue to aspire to excellence in providing quality educational and co-curricular programs for our children. Public input in furthering the future aspirations for student in our district is also an important element.


Some of the budget highlights that benefit students are:


  • Continuing to provide top-notch Professional Development for staff.  Wisconsin statutes changed the SAGE funding, which has now become AGR (Achievement Gap Reduction). This legislation changed the SAGE funding based on student/teacher ratio to AGR with a focus on closing the achievement gap and required more specialized assistance to be provided to K-3, including coaches. This change provides more flexibility in class size, meeting the individual needs of students, and the District’s ability to continue to receive state funding through this program ($140,000).
  • Capital improvements through a Board adopted 10-year facilities plan to maintain and modernize our 25 years old school building. In 2016/17 the plan contemplates replacement of boilers at an estimated cost of $200,000. A control system has already been installed for climate control. Also, lighting replacements have created more energy efficiencies and safety; consistent cleaning of the air handling system and the school itself contribute to a healthier learning environment for staff and students.
  • Academic and Career Planning (ACP) has been established for students to explore careers as early as middle school. High school students will be actively engaged in the development of a personal portfolio of project work and experiences to demonstrate their readiness to prospective colleges and employers. Our staff continues to demonstrate leadership in this and other areas as they focus on continuous improvement to benefit all Wausaukee students.
  • Our Distance Learning Lab continues to be a growing success with students. The number of students taking advantage of dual credit courses through the Youth Options programs offered in conjunction with the Distance Learning Lab and NWTC continues to grow and offer benefits to students upon graduation. For example, of the student graduates from the classes of 2013, 2014 and 2015 who participated in the welding program and continued their post-secondary program, 50 percent are employed in the welding pathway! 
  • The Little Learners (daycare center) was newly launched and is being well received and filling a local need.


Copies of the Annual Meeting materials are available at the District Administrative office. Any questions or comments on the budget or the future direction of the School District of Wausaukee can be directed to any Board of Education member.

Board Committees

Budget and Finance Committee


Chair - Sherri Schlies

Member - Elmer Busick

Member - Joe Lanich



Curriculum, Instruction, Student Achievement & Communications Committee


Chair - Ken Jones

Member - Mary Marquis

Member - Sandy Wojcik




Personnel and Policy Committee


Chair - Dave Kipp

Member - Ken Jones

Member - Sherri Schlies