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School Board Governance Resources



It is important for School Board candidates to gain an understanding of the importance of the role school boards and board members exert in meeting the educational needs of all students within their district.  The following resources provide perspectives to consider:


·        “Wisconsin Association of School Boards” (WASB) Guide for Candidates”


·        “Seven Signs of Effective School Board Members” Document Source: American School Board Journal


·        “Eight Characteristics of Effective School  Boards” Center for Public Education


·        “The Standards for Effective School Boards” Iowa Association of School Boards


·        Iowa Association of School Board Lighthouse study link


Guide for New Board Candidates


Our District is pleased that you are considering the challenge of being a school board member. We are proud of our school and the many accomplishments of our students and staff.

The Board of Education for the School District of Wausaukee has identified attributes that contribute to our success as a board. They include:

·        Attendance at all Board meetings.

·        Preparation for meetings ahead of time by reviewing information provided in the Board meeting packet and seeking out information on any issues which require clarification.

·        An open mind.

·        Directing stakeholder complaints using resolution at the staff level most directly involved.

·        Balance advocacy for our position with inquiry regarding other’s positions, and support the board’s decision even when we have voted in the minority.

·        Include students, parents, staff, administration, and community in our governance process.

·        Seek outside expertise when necessary to give us a better view of issues.

Qualifications of a good school board member are many. The board member should:

·        Have a broad background of experience and knowledge;

·        Be visionary, able to understand the forces of change and to plan for the future;

·        Understand that education today is complex and simplistic approaches will not meet today’s challenges;

·        Be willing to invest many hours that will be necessary to carry out the duties of office;

·        Have the capacity to learn and grow;

·        Have a sincere desire to serve the community;

·        Be responsive to needs of individuals and groups;

·        Listen for real consensus;

·        And remember the responsibility is to all district children.

Often school board governance and management are misunderstood.  

·        Management is the administrative function, which is the process of accomplishing goals and objectives by putting plans, procedures, programs and systems in place to achieve clearly defined outcomes. Management of a school system is the domain of the Superintendent.

·        School Board Governance function is to ensure there are clearly defined, desired end results in place for the major areas under management and to monitor achievement of the end results. School system governance is the responsibility of the School Board.

Following is a listing of board governance resources that you may want to review. Our administrative assistant is also able to answer questions on the process for seeking board candidacy.  Thank you for you considering this opportunity to serve within our school community.



The School District of Wausaukee Board of Education