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September 12, 2017


Well, the summer has come and gone and we're all back to school.  So are the little germs that like to make us sick.  These are some of the things that parents are reporting and we have absences from.   Fevers with nothing else being reported with the fever.  This is on both Elementary and HS ends.  Many colds and sore throats on both ends.  No strep reported at this time, but some are reporting stomach flu.  Don't forget that the best way to stay healthy is by washing your hands with soap.  The hand sanitizer's are ok, but there is nothing better than washing with good ole soap and water.


Speaking of hand sanitizer.  Remember that your skin is the largest organ of our bodies.  There is a lot of alcohol in these and it soaks into the skin.  Thinking of the smaller ones especially, a little bit goes a long way.  The sanitizer is handy, but washing our hands is still the BEST. 



Have a great rest of your week.




Noreen Krisher RN, BSN

Wausaukee School Nurse

715-856-5152  Ext 258




There is much information about the HPV vaccine online.  This link came across my desk that may give you more information. You may click on it, then scroll down to the heading "The Lead Vaccine Developer Comes Clean......  If this does not link to the site, you can copy and paste the site to your browser

School Nurse

Noreen Krisher BSN, RN

715-856-5152  Ext. 258


Meningococcal Disease Information

According to section 118.07 (3) of the state statutes, the School District of Wausaukee must provide parents/guardians of students enrolled 6-12 in the district with information about meningococcal disease.


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Drug Abuse

Here is a link that describes symptoms of drug abuse and how to recognize drug abuse in teenagers:


Information on the Drug-endangered Child Act: