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April 11, 2017


I'm still seeing a few students with the headaches, sore throats and cough or congestion.  Students tend to be out 2-5 days.  Some are coming back to school, only to go home again from fatigue and cough or congestion.  The stomach flu continues but not as bad as it was.  It seems to hit them hard and fast.  From what I've heard, it last 24 to 48 hours.    


A student in a 3rd grade and one in Junior High has scabies.  Immediate action was taken to eliminate the problem. The classroom/s were cleaned according to the recommendations of the CDC.  


We would like you to be aware of this, in case you notice possible signs of this rash on your child.  Itching will be the most evident.

Cause:  A tiny mite which burrows under the skin.

Signs: Itching and rashes most likely between the fingers, around the wrists, elbows, waistline, abdomen and chest and anywhere on the body.

How is it spread? Person to person, by close contact, with skin or clothing from someone with scabies. 

How long after contact might we see the symptoms? Four day to three to six weeks, if at all

When can my child return to school?    24 hours after treatment from your doctor, has started.

If you are concerned that your child or someone else in the family has this condition, please see your family doctor so that a diagnosis can be made and treatment can be given. If one person in a family has scabies, it is recommended that all family members be treated. Please discuss this with your family doctor.  For more information, visit,

The health of our students is our foremost concern. Please call with any questions you may have.


Parents did an amazing job dealing with the lice situation we had.  I'm totally impressed and amazed.  I know the nit-picking is the worst.  Here is an idea that helps a little.  After you've treated your child's hair with whatever lice treatment you use, rinse with half water/half vinegar. (That helps release the cement from the nits)  Dry hair and pick as many nits as you see.  Then use a flat iron on the child's head.  This is the one thing that we've found burns those pesky eggs, dead.  They've also found that the solution used to dye hair, kills them. But that could be a little drastic. Another mom gave me the name of Lice Shield.  It's a preventative spray that you leave in the hair that repels lice. Smells like citrus.  You can get it at Crivitz Pharmacy or on Amazon.

The main thing, after you are cleared for school, is to keep checking, do the 2nd treatment and keep using the flat iron.  Remember....if one nit/egg hatches, you have 7 new lice, making a new home in your hair.


We are all going to be sooooo glad for Easter Break.  I hope the weather is good and everyone can get healthy and ready for the last little bit of this years school year.  Can't believe it's almost over.  :-)


Noreen Krisher RN, BSN

Wausaukee School Nurse

715-856-5152  Ext 258




There is much information about the HPV vaccine online.  This link came across my desk that may give you more information. You may click on it, then scroll down to the heading "The Lead Vaccine Developer Comes Clean......  If this does not link to the site, you can copy and paste the site to your browser

School Nurse

Noreen Krisher BSN, RN

715-856-5152  Ext. 258


Meningococcal Disease Information

According to section 118.07 (3) of the state statutes, the School District of Wausaukee must provide parents/guardians of students enrolled 6-12 in the district with information about meningococcal disease.

Medical Resources


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Drug Abuse

Here is a link that describes symptoms of drug abuse and how to recognize drug abuse in teenagers:


Information on the Drug-endangered Child Act: