Instructional Technology

Information and Technology Vision Statement

The School District of Wausaukee will promote an environment which develops life-long learners by incorporating Information and Technology Literacy skills into all aspects of education.  These skills will enable learners to effectively interact in an information-driven society and compete in the global community of the 21st century

Information and Technology Plan Goals

  • To enable students to become effective, independent users of information and technology.
  • To enable teachers to become effective, independent users of information and technology.
  • To increase the effective use and integration of information and technology literacy skills in the curriculum so our students develop the 21st century skills they will need.
  • To improve Media Center use and services to better facilitate research and projects-based learning.
  • To provide adequate system support and leadership to facilitate effective teaching and learning in the areas of information and technology.

Planning for the Future

The new Information and Technology Planning process facilitated by DPI and CESA 8 (Kaye Leitz) is located online via Google Docs.

District plans in progress.

Information and Technology in Wausaukee - ...more

Information and Technology Integration

Teaching effective search strategies

Technology by Design  - plan the educational goals before the technology

Technology Integration

Flipping the Classroom and Other Applications

LearnZillion puts teacher power at your fingertips. Featuring 2000+ high quality lessons by top teachers - all aligned with the Common Core State Standards. 

Search thousands of tutorial videos on any subject from the worlds best teachers. Before you know it, you'll know it. 

Khan Academy
Instructional videos and practice activities

Edutopia's Resource Round-up

Kevin Honeycutt's Technology Tools  page

Technology To-Do Links

Annenberg/ CPB Video on Demand

 Wiscnet  has  partnered with the Annenberg / CPB Foundation and UW Madison DoIT Streaming Media Services to make Annenberg's Video On Demand (VOD) courses available to you direct from your WiscNet network! Annenberg makes a large number of high quality VOD teacher resources available to the public from their web site at http://www.learner.org/  The VOD courses take the form of Microsoft Windows Media Player streaming videos.

Annenberg has worked with a number of local, regional and state networks to create local content mirrors. The way their setup works is that when you select a VOD course to view from the Annenberg site (http://www.learner.org/ ), their site detects that you are on the WiscNet network and redirects your request to the WiscNet content mirror. You then receive the video stream you selected from WiscNet's content mirror.

The benefit to you of WiscNet hosting an Annenberg content is that when you view an Annenberg VOD course your stream is coming to you directly from the WiscNet backbone, NOT from the Internet!

Access the Annenberg VOD courses externally.


ISTE Standards for Information and Technology

Wisconsin Information and Technology Learning benchmarks by grade level

Wausaukee District Scope and Sequence:
     K-3 Scope and Sequence  with CyberSmart activities
     Gr4-6 Scope and Sequence  with CyberSmart activities

Adapting current lesson plans to technology infused plans

TRITON  link for Virtual Field Trips; Milwaukee Public Museum


Projects-Based Learning

Productivity Applications

Spreadsheets in the Classroom


United Streaming 

  • See Suzie Schlies for access code if you are not already registered for this service.

VoIP Integrated Communications System: Phone System

Internet Issues

By law, Internet safety issues are required to be taught in all schools. 

Children's Internet Protection Act Guide

Links to lessons and materials:

Student Internet Safety 

Cybersmart site has a scope and sequence for their materials: http://www.cybersmart.org

Login required, but this site has videos, pledge sheets and tips: http://www.nsteens.org/TeachingMaterials 

Baloney-Detections Skills

Media Literacy Skills 

Web 2.0 and Cloud Applications


Picnik -  Photo editing online application

Kerpoof  - Learning Through Creativity


Bloom's Digital Taxonomy



Student Response Systems - using BYOD: Socrative

A behavioral development tool helping teachers reinforce positive behaviors like risk-taking, helping others and honesty - ClassDojo



Digital Story Telling - http://50ways.wikispaces.com/


Create and access online flash cards, quizzes and study guides: StudyBlue


Curriculum 21 Links
Rochester High School - Digital BackPack
Discovery Education Web 2.0
Edudemic Web 2.0


Tagxedo; Wordle

Powerpoint and Smartboard

Peripherals in the Classroom