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Language Arts/Literacy

Common Core Standards - ELA

Reading Instruction in the Elementary

Wausaukee Elementary School is using the Developmental Studies Making Meaning program.  The lessons are directly linked to the Common Core State Standards. Click here for the CCSS Corelation Tool .

Independent Reading

Students who read on a regular basis have an educational advantage:

Reading Gr4-6 presentation

Reading GrK-3  presentation


Reading Measures


One of the scores that students receive as a result of the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) assessments a LEXILE range. 

Using your LEXILE score:

  • To find a book based on your LEXILE scores, go to: Visit the “Find A Book” Website 
  • To find out what the LEXILE score is for a book you want to read, enter the book name in the "Quick Book Search" box on the Find a Book page    

You can use your Lexile score to help you find materials for research projects:

  1. Go to:  and click on Resources for: Students
  2. For grades K-3, use the "SearchaSaurus" link.
  3. For students in grades 1-12 click on the "Student Research Center" link


Zone of Proximal Development - ZPD

Reading books that are in your ZPD range helps you achieve optimal growth in reading skills without experiencing frustration.  Your ZPD range is calculated when you take the STAR Reading Test.

Web 2.0 Tools for Writing

Web 2.0 Tools to Boost Writing Proficiency

In this article in Teaching Exceptional Children, Jill Olthouse and Myriah Tasker Miller (West Virginia University/Morganton) list the characteristics of ...more

Independent Reading Program

1. Read on a regular basis

2. Select books from different categories rather than always reading the same type of book
     A list of possible categories

3. Select books from a variety of genres
     Genre posters

4. Keep a reading record: Independent Reading Record

5. Set goals  for your independent reading.

6. Conference with your teacher, write in your reading log, and/or take an Accelerated Reader quiz 

ELA Bootcamp Resource Links

Using Blogs

Literacy,ELA Topics Resources



Content Area Literacy