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Online Practice


Math Skills Practice

These Basic Facts activities are found on aaamath.  There is a report option available so you can print out student progress for the session.

Basic Facts Practice - Add/Sub.

Basic Facts Practice - Mult./Div.
Addition Multiplication
Facts 0 - 2 Facts 3 - 4 Facts 0 - 3 (buttons) Facts 4 - 6 (buttons)
Facts 5 - 6 Facts 7 - 8 Facts 7 - 9 Facts 0 - 9
Facts 9 - 10 Facts for all to 9+9    
Subtraction Division
Facts 0 - 2 Facts 3 - 4 Facts 1 - 3 Facts 4 -6
Facts 5 - 6 Facts 7 - 8 Facts 7 - 9 Facts 1 - 9
Facts 9 - 10 Facts for all to 0-10    


Money Telling Time Word Problems
May take a minute to load.  Move coins to the desk with your mouse. Drag the Clock Hands to Tell Time Word problems made by students.  Drag the mouse over the scrambled letters to see the answerrs
Making change. Type the Time - to the 5 minutes  

Math Web Sites

Word problems in a medieval setting:

Cool full class activity on projection - need to register (free) interactive games for children organized by grade level but so far it is blocked at school.
Mike's Math Club is a program that shows elementary students how math can be useful and entertaining.
Go to homework helper to find brain boosters and puzzle makers.
This site focuses on Kindergarten through 8th grade.
This site offers tools including flash cards, metric converters, games and links to other great sites.
Find six interactive games suitable for 5-7 year olds.

Math Fractions