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Response to Invervention

Response to Intervention is all about meeting the learning needs of all of our students and helping them to make progress, no matter where their inital starting points are. 

Research-based Strategies and Programs

These key research-based strategies have impact on student achievement—helping all students, in all kinds of classrooms. Strategies are organized into categories of familiar practices in order to help you fine-tune your teaching to improve student achievement.

Marzano - Ten Effective Strategies

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Center on Instruction (COI) , collection of scientifically based resources on instruction, funded by the U.S. Department of Education

More information on brain-based instructional strategies - Secrets of the Brain  

High Quality Instruction

New Common Core Standards in reading and math are being phased in:

Grade level benchmarks of the Wisconsin Standards are located on the District network on the r: drive in the ...more

Balanced Assessment

STAR: Currently the Elementary School-wide Title I program screens all students in the elementary using the STAR reading and math. Teacher and student access to STAR

Measures of Academic Progress (MAP)

RtI Team

District RtI Coordinator - Mrs. Lisa Delfosse

Team members - Jared Deschane, Candy Deschane, Katey Ambrose, Misty Betts, Richard Stillman, Donna Pintarelli, Diane Holmes, Terry Hanson

RtI and Gifted Education

Wisconsin's Vision for RtI

"In Wisconsin's vision for RtI, the three essential elements of high quality instruction, balanced assessment, and collaboration systematically interact within a multi-level system of support to ...more