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Staff Directory



Ann Kox Superintendent
District Administrator
ext. 412
 Deschane J..jpg Jared Deschane

JH/HS Principal
ext. 121

Rick Hammes Elementary Principal
ext. 262


Administrative Support

Figas.JPG  Laura Figas

District Administrative Assistant
ext. 413

Jenny Van Laanen

Jr/Sr High Administrative Support
ext. 120
 IMG_0805.JPG Carol Primakow Elem. Administrative Support
Special Education Secretary
ext. 265



 1Y01025.JPG Kelly Stumbris District Business Manager
ext. 411


Student Services

M.Betts.JPG Misty Betts

School Counselor
Special Projects Coordinator
Section 504 Homeless Coord.
E4E Coordinator    Non-EEN Referrals
ext. 159 
Delfosse.jpg Lisa Delfosse

RtI Coordinator and Support
District Assessment Coordinator - State Testing
ext. 295
Holmes.jpg Diane Holmes 1st Grade Teacher
ext. 227
Hueter.JPG Diane Hueter Meal Account Technician
District Aide
Krisher.jpg Noreen Krisher

School Nurse
ext. 258

 Donna.jpg Donna Pintarelli

6th Grade Teacher
ext. 251

Popp.jpg Margie Popp

Virtual Learning Coordinator
Yearbook Advisor
Newsletter Editor
ext. 172
Sue S..jpg Suzie Schlies Media Specialist
ext. 217



 Behnke.jpg  Julie Behnke Food Service Director
ext. 314
Christianson.jpg Carol Christianson Cook's Helper  
Downs.jpg Jackie Downs Baker  
Mattison.jpg Liz Mattison Cook  
Shaw A..jpg Amy Shaw Cook  


Brian Potter Director of Building & Grounds

ext. 416


Dave Chodacki Custodian ext. 332

Dave Hockaday Custodian ext. 332
Cheri Whitton Custodian ext. 332


Junior/Senior High School

J.Betts.JPG Jon Betts 7-12 Math
ext. 146
Dunlap.JPG Becky Dunlap 7-8 Teacher
ext. 132
 Edlbeck.JPG Pat Edlbeck

7-12 Physical Education
Athletic Director
ext. 362
 Carrie.jpg  Carrie Truby 7-8 Teacher
ext. 135
 Tracy.jpg Tracy Jaworski 7-12 Math
ext. 149
 Klimek.JPG Jennifer Klimek 9-12 Science/Health
ext. 141
 Fayas.JPG Sarah Fayas 7-12 Spanish
Title III Coordinator
ext. 151
Leiphart.JPG Cheri Leiphart 7-12 Art
ext. 384
Maasch.JPG Becky Herbel 7-8 Teacher

ext. 133

Gina.jpg Gina Martens 7-12 English
ext. 130
Zac.jpg Zac Schmidt 7-12 English
ext. 128

 Matt.jpg Matt Parkansky 8-12 History
ext. 352
 Stoltenberg.jpg Sue Stoltenberg 9-12 History/Government
ext. 147
 Laura.jpg Laura Struve 9-12 Science
ext. 138
  Thell.jpg Brian Thell 7-12 Vocal Music
ext. 373
Widstrand.jpg Rosalie Widstrand 7-12 Band
ext. 355


Elementary School

Allman.jpg Amanda Allman Grade 2
ext. 237
 Caine-Fick.jpg Laurie Caine-Fick Grade 5
ext. 248
Deschane R..jpg Ryanne Deschane Grade 1
ext. 234
Klinksick.jpg Shelby Klinksick Grade 4
ext. 252

Alyssa Nellis


Grade 2

ext. 236

Cheri Leiphart Art (Grades 4K-6)
ext. 384
  Emily Hausher  4 Year-Old Kindergarten (4K)
ext. 291


Jeff Leslie Grades 5
ext. 246
 Paul.jpg Paul Moser Physical Education
ext. 241
Shaw M..jpg  Melissa Shaw 5 Year-Old Kindergarten (5K)
ext. 290
Powell.jpg Sarah Powell Grade 3
ext. 283

 Russ J..jpg Jennifer Russ Grades 3
ext. 281
 Thell.jpg Brian Thell Vocal Music (Grades EC-6)
ext. 373
Tracy.jpg Bobbi Tracy

District Reading Specialist
ext. 225
 Widstrand.jpg Rosalie Widstrand Band (Grades 5 & 6)
ext. 355
Wodenka.jpg Kayla Moser Grades 2/3 Multi-Age
ext. 235
 Zahorik.jpg Sue Zahorik Grade 6
ext. 247


Special Education Staff

Ambrose.JPG Katey Ambrose Sp.Ed. Program Support
ext. 169
Lindbeck.JPG David Lindbeck Sp.Ed. Instructor
ext. 145
Haynes.JPG Dawn Haynes Paraprofessional

 Kemmerling.jpg Patty Kemmerling Paraprofessional
 Kempinski.jpg Mindi Kempinski Paraprofessional
Lewandoski, P.JPG  Page Lewandowski Physical Therapist
ext. 286
 Marsolek.jpg Kim Marsolek Sp.Ed. Instructor
ext. 272
Grant.jpg  Grant Russ S.E. Instructor
ext. 143
Suennen.jpg Julie Suennen Paraprofessional
 Berkers.jpg Jennifer Hammes Speech Therapist
ext. 269
Williams.jpg Tanya Williams Paraprofessional