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2020/2021 Staff Directory

Jared Deschane ka

Jared Deschane

Ext 412

Katey Ambrose

Ext 262

District Administrator Elementary/Middle School Principal
High School Principal Director of Pupil Services
  Title IX Coordinator


Administrative Support
lf Jenny Van Laanen cp

Laura Figas

Ext 413

Jenny Van Laanen

Ext 120

Carol Primakow

Ext 265

District Administrative Support Middle/High School Administrative Support Elementary Administrative Support
Board of Education Confidential Support   Pupil Services Support



Kelly Stumbris

Ext 411

Business Manager




Liana Richardson

Ext 258

School Health Aide

eh ms lm  

Emily Hausher

Ext 291

Melissa Shaw

Ext 290

Lisa Mongin

Ext 286


Ext 235

4 Yr Old Kindergarten 5 Yr Old Kindergarten 5 Yr Old Kindergarten 1st Grade


rd   sl ma

Ryanne Deschane

Ext 234


Ext 237

Sarah Ludwig

Ext 236

Amanda Allman

Ext 248

1st Grade 2nd Grade 2nd Grade 3rd Grade
  sz   jr


Ext 251

Sue Zahorik

Ext 247


Ext 246

Jenni Russ

Ext 281

3rd Grade 4th Grade 4th Grade Reading Interventionist


Elementary Specials
  jaime   jk  


Ext 355

Jaime Wszelaki

Ext 384


Ext 241

Jane Kanestrom

Ext 373


Ext 217

Band Art Physical Education Music Media Center


Middle School
km bd bm ct

Kelsey Meyers

Ext 133

Becky Dunlap

Ext 132

Beth Meyers

Ext 175

Carrie Truby

Ext 135


Middle/High School



Jaime Wszelaki

Ext 384


Tammy Benzow Emily DeHut

Tammy Benzow

Ext 128

Emily DeHut

Ext 130


Jon Betts Tracy Jaworski

Jon Betts

Ext 146

Tracy Jaworski

Ext 149




Jane Kanestrom

Ext 373


Ext 355

Physical Education


Joe Thompson

Ext 362


Jennifer Klimek Laura Struve

Jennifer Klimek

Ext 141

Laura Struve

Ext 138



Michelle Barglind

Ext 151

Social Studies

Matt Parkansky ss

Matt Parkansky

Ext 352

Sue Stoltenberg

Ext 147

Virtual/Media Learning

Margie Popp


Margie Popp

Ext 172

Library Media

Ext 217


Special Education
  gk km gr sw


Ext 143

Georgi Kapalczynski

Ext 276

Kim Marsolek

Ext 272

Grant Russ

Ext 127

Shannon Weed

Ext 144


maria page

Maria Knepel

Ext 285

Page Lewandowski

Ext 285


Ext 269


Ext 295

Occupational Therapist Physical Therapist Speech Pathology School Psychologist


Student Services
Misty Betts  

Misty Betts

Ext 159


Ext 280

Guidance Counselor Social Worker


Little Learners daycare center
mk tb mr tf as

Mindi Kempinski

Ext 230

Tina Brunette

Ext 226

Megan Robold

Ext 228

Tracy Forst

Ext 228

Ashlei Stapleford

Ext 228

Daycare Director Daycare Teacher Daycare Teacher Daycare Teacher Daycare Teacher



Food Service

jb   th lm as dh

Julie Behnke

Ext 314


Ext 314

Tina Hirte

Ext 314

Liz Mattison

Ext 314

Amy Shaw

Ext 314

Diane Hueter

Ext 314

Food Service Director Food Service Food Service Food Service Food Service Food Service

Building and Grounds

Rollie dc Cheri W Dave

Rollie Benzow

Ext 416

Dave Chadocki

Ext 332

Cheri Whitton

Ext 332

Dave Hockaday

Ext 332

Building & Grounds Director Maintenance Custodian Custodian
John Cindy    

John Haynes

Ext 332

Cindy Parker

Ext 332


Custodian Custodian